Adopted 6/16/16

PROCEDURES & REQUIREMENTS:  Diaconate Chair & Team


Applies to:  Diaconate Chair & Team


Introduction:  Per Bylaw 5.6 the DIACONATE TEAM is made up of its Chair and four other members.  They shall support and assist the Pastor with the spiritual welfare of Our Congregation or substitute when a Pastor is not available.


Duties:  The activities in A) must be performed by current Diaconate Team members.  Those described in  B), C), D), and E) may be performed by others or not at all.  The Diaconate Team needs to decide which will be supported and how, i.e. by current team members, recruiting and appointing former team members and congregation attendees, temporarily or for specific dates or periods, or by engaging outside contractors, or by some combination of above.


A) Business Support

    1. Compliance; Comply with Our Constitution, Bylaws, and related Policies;

    2. Financial Accountability; Oversee the Diaconate’s budget items;

    3. Pastoral Oversight; Provide this type of support;

    4. Pastoral Relations Team; Provide for and oversee a Pastoral relations team;

    5. Performance Appraisals; Prepare a performance appraisal of the Pastor and each Diaconate overseen employee at least annually and consider feedback to appropriate regular volunteers;

    6. Reporting; Report on the previous year’s Diaconate Team activities at each Annual Meeting.


B) Monthly Reminders

    1. Diaconate Chair; Leads the Diaconate Team plus has some extra duties;

    2. Record Keeping; Record notes at meetings;

    3. Duty Calendar; Month by month reminders for Diaconate Team Members;


C) Outreach

    1. Mission Support; Seek out mission needs and keep Our Congregation informed about them;


D) Parishioner Support

    1. Christian Service; Arrange temporary support for selected persons in need;

    2. Fellowship; Arrange appropriate get-togethers;

    3. Flowers and Cards; Have flowers, cards, etc. delivered to selected persons when appropriate;

    4. Recognition of Achievement; Recognize persons associated with Our Congregation when appropriate;

    5. Stewardship; Keep Our Congregation informed on the spiritual benefits of good stewardship;

    6. Visitation; Arrange for suitable visitation of Our Congregation’s members and participants;


E) Worship Service Support

    1. Baptism; Assist the Pastor with this important sacrament;

    2. Communion; Assist the Pastor with this important sacrament;

    3. Altar Cloths; Specifies the colors and when to apply them;

    4. Greeters; Arrange for greeters whenever such a function would enhance a worship service;

    5. Music; Arrange for and oversee Our Congregation’s musical programs;

    6. Pastoral Absence; Have charge of all pastoral duties except baptism and communion;

    7. Pastoral Support; Assist the Pastor when requested or when it seems especially helpful;

    8. Sanctuary Appearance; Install and remove appropriate fixtures and temporary decorations (including Altar Cloths) to enhance the spiritual experience;

    9. Ushering; Update the Ushering Guidelines and appoint ushers as needed or desired;