Adopted 12/19/13

POLICY:    Membership Meetings of Our Congregation

Applies to:  Members of Our Congregation

Introduction:  In order for Our Congregation’s members to perform some of their duties, they must meet as a group. To ensure that all members have the opportunity to attend and be reasonably informed as to what actions may be taken, the following requirements need to be met.


Annual Meeting: Per Paragraph 6.0 b) of Our Congregation’s Constitution and Bylaws, the required Annual Membership Business Meeting shall be held between the fourth Sunday of January and the first Sunday in February, inclusively to:

A) Receive the reports of the Council, Teams, and others requested to do so by the Policies or Duties, Procedures and Requirements.

B) Act on the proposed budget for the ensuing year;

C) Elect Council and Team members to fill open positions;

D) Act on any other business related to Our Congregation.

Special Meetings:  Any member of Our Congregation may request the Council to call a special meeting. The meeting shall be scheduled when:

A) So voted by the Council.

B) Five or more members of Our Congregation petition the Council to do so.  Spouses, or children less than 18 years of age, of a petitioner may not be a co-petitioner.  Members of Our Congregation less than 18 years of age may be a petitioner provided their parents or less than 18 year old siblings are not. Petition should also contain their reason(s), which will become the article(s).

Notice:  The Council shall notify Our Congregation of the Annual or a Special meeting by;

A) Drafting a Warrant containing the articles to be acted upon;

B) Directing the Clerk to prepare and post an attested copy of the Warrant in or on the meeting house (church edifice) at least seven days prior to the day and time of the meeting;

C) Directing that notice of the meeting be sent to the household of each Member at least seven days prior to the date and time of the meeting, usually by the Office Manager;

D) An announcement made at the last worship service prior to the date of the meeting;

E) Posting on the website, if possible.

Cancelation:  If a meeting is canceled for any reason all notice requirements will need to be followed to reschedule. However, if weather, circumstances, failure to achieve a quorum, or common sense dictates, the Moderator and at least one other member of Our Congregation may vote to adjourn an Annual or Special Meeting to the earliest convenient date and time.  Additionally:

A) A reasonable effort shall be made to alert all members;

B) The new date, time and location shall be posted on or near the Office door;

C) An announcement should be made at a worship service if there is one before the new meeting time;

D) The new date and time should be posted on the website.

E) Record of the vote to adjourn shall be entered into the meeting minutes.

Quorum: As stated in the By-laws under 6.0 Meetings, fifteen percent of Our Congregation’s membership or fifteen members, whichever is higher, shall constitute a quorum for all membership meetings.  All members shall sign an attendance sheet to establish that a quorum is present.

Other:  Non-member guests may speak at the discretion of the Moderator or majority vote of the membership. All motions shall require a “second” to be acted upon.