Adopted 11/21/13

POLICY:   Removal of a Council member, Team member, or Volunteer

Applies to:  Council, Teams, and Volunteers

Introduction:  It may become necessary to remove a Council member (except a Pastor), Team member or Volunteer who has become unable or unsuitable to carry out their duties. The basis may be infirmity, misconduct, absence, or some other reason.     

Automatic Removal:  If a person serving in any of these positions has three consecutive, or five non-consecutive unexcused absences over a six month period, it shall be considered position abandonment and result in automatic removal.  Unexcused absences are when a person misses a scheduled meeting or duty task (i.e. Sunday school teaching) without prior notification or a valid reason.  The Council shall monitor its members.  Individual Council members shall monitor their Teams and overseen volunteers.  In the event of a Team member removal, that Team shall notify the Moderator.

Recommendation for Removal: For reasons other than attendance, recommendations for removal shall only be made by a Council Member at an executive session of the Council.  If the person being recommended for removal is, or is a family member of, a Council member, that member should withdraw from further discussion. (see Conflict of Interest)  If a vote of the Council determines that there is sufficient reason for removal, a hearing shall be called at the earliest convenience for those involved.   

Removal Hearing:  At the discretion of the person being recommended for removal, this hearing may be open to all or just those involved.  This person may be present, or be represented by a person of their choosing, or have legal council.  All shall be heard.  The Council may also interview other persons with applicable information.          

Removal Meeting:  Either directly after the hearing or at a later date the Council, in executive session, shall act on the recommendation for removal.  The vote shall be confidential with a two-thirds or more majority required for removal.

Other:  A person’s removal from a Council, Team or Volunteer position in no way affects their status as a member or visitor of Our Congregation. It also does not directly impact their ability to serve in any position at a later date.

If the Moderator is the person recommended for removal, the Council shall select another Council member to act as Moderator for this issue. 

See also:  Voting