Adopted 11/21/13

POLICY:   Voting


Applies to:  All


Introduction:  All actions, decisions, approvals etc. of Our Congregation, the Council and the various Teams and Volunteer Groups require a vote.  Generally this will be by simple majority voice vote with the Moderator, Chair or Designee determining the results. However, some situations may require special handling or a more clear-cut outcome.   


Voting Options:  If not required by by-law or policy, voting options are as follows.


A) Voice vote unless;

B) One voter requests an individual vote, then the vote shall be by a “show of hands” or equivalent, unless;

C) 10% of the voters request a confidential vote.   


When and Where:  Voting shall only occur at a duly called meeting of the deciding group with the exception of Voting Without Meeting situations.  


Issues requiring more than a simple majority: There may be situations that require a two thirds or larger approval of those voting. In all these cases the fraction shall be rounded up to the next whole number. All Voting Options (above) apply.

          Example: There are five voting members of a group.  Two thirds of this group would be three and a third.  Therefore four people would need to vote in favor for an item to be approved.  


Absentee Voting:  Our Congregation’s members shall be allowed to vote by absentee ballot on articles which require a confidential vote, at a duly called meeting of Our Congregation, when:


A) The article is on the hiring of a Settled Pastor.

B) Approved by vote of the Council.      


See also:  Voting Without Meeting