Adopted 11/19/15



Applies to:  Christian Development Chair and Team


Introduction:  Per By-law 5.7, the Christian Development Team is made up of its Chair and two other members; they shall oversee all educational and fellowship programs.




A) Provide educational and related fellowship programs for our Church family;  

B) Team members must complete the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form;

C) Manage the Christian Development Team's budget;

D) Provide any employee under the Christian Development Team's supervision, when applicable, with performance appraisals and recommend to the Finance Team wage adjustments at least annually (see Paid Staff);

E) Present a report of the previous year's activities for our Congregation's Annual Meeting;

F) Recommend a Christian Development budget for the upcoming year to the Finance Team;

G) Follow, and amend as needed, the Christian Development Team Duty Calendar;

H) Comply with all related Policies.


Procedures & Requirements:

A) Determine, at least annually, the curriculum for the Church School and any other educational or related fellowship programs, and arrange for each to be carried out;

    1) Recruit and oversee the performance of Church School teachers, assistants, Youth Group leaders, as well as any others designated to conduct a program;

    2) Ensure that anyone working with children under the age of 18 has complied with the Safe Church and CORI policy;

    3) Arrange for the purchase of curriculum materials and supplies needed to support any  program (see Purchasing Policy);

B) The Team will hold regular meetings (see Group Meetings), and each Team member shall keep the others informed about their various responsibilities;

C) The Chair shall oversee the Team and serve as the representative to the Council, attending Council meetings accordingly (see Group Meetings);

    1) A brief written summary of activities, projects, and other events is to be submitted to the Council in advance of Council meetings;

D) These Duties, Procedures & Requirement may be amended as needed by the Team.