Adopted 12/19/13

POLICY:   Paid Staff (Non-Pastor)

Applies to:  Paid Staff and Council Members

Introduction: There are areas in Our Congregation which may require special skills or time

commitments. Though the hope is that volunteers can be found among Our Congregation, there may be times when compensated positions may need to be, or may have already been, created. This also allows for those outside Our Congregation to be considered. To ensure the equitable hiring and management of Paid Staff the subsequent requirements shall be followed.

Creating Position:  Anyone may suggest creating a paid position. However, only Council Members and their teams, if they have one, may approve the paid position once financial feasibility is established. If it is not obvious, the Moderator will determine which Team or Council member will explore the possibility. Recommendations for positions require a brief job description, number of weekly hours (must be less than 30), an hourly wage rate, and an expected length of service (i.e. 6 mo., as long as needed, etc.)

Expenditure Approval:   If the annual expenditure:

A) Is within the Team’s or Council member’s annual budget, no further approval is necessary.

B) Is above the Team’s or Council member’s annual budget, the Finance Team’s approval is required. (Finance’s decision may be appealed)

C) When combined with all other disbursements, results in an expenditure more than 5% above Our Congregation’s total Annual Budget, then Our Congregation’s approval is required at a duly called  Meeting. (See Membership Meetings of Our Congregation)

D) Once a position is established, and will continue into the next fiscal year, the Finance Team shall establish a budget line item for the position.

Hiring: All non-Pastor paid staff shall be part time (Less than 30 hours per week). They shall also be considered “at will” employees, meaning that either the Council or the employee may end the employer/employee relationship at any time without explanation or notice. The Council Member (and Team) approving or overseeing a Paid Staff position, shall decide:

A) How to obtain applicants.

B) How to select a qualified candidate.

C) The amount of compensation to offer (within approved level).

D) How to communicate requirements and expectations.

E) Who will obtain proper documentation. (i.e. I9 form, W4 form ) and comply with WISP.

Our Congregation’s members or regular attendees may be considered for all positions not specifically excluded by other policies (see Conflict of Interest )

Applicants shall not be discriminated against with regard to age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, national origin, physical characteristics, race, sexual orientation, veteran status, religion, or other characteristics protected by law except where there is a bona fide qualification to perform the duties of the position. (See Constitution and By-laws 5.1 f) 

Overseeing the Position: The Council member (and Team) to whom the Paid Staff budget expenditure(s) applies shall decide how the performance of the Paid Staff member shall be monitored and overseen. This will include, but is not limited to:

A) Occasional feedback as to performance when appropriate.

B) Documentation of exemplary or corrective performance, including face to face meeting, when appropriate. ( Employee Performance Documentation Form )   

C) An annual review including rating of the past year’s performance, opportunities for improvement, and goals for the upcoming year. ( Employee Review Form )

Wage Changes: The Council member (and Team) to whom the Paid Staff budget expenditure(s) applies shall recommend to the Finance Team any increase (or reduction) in compensation for the Paid Staff member at least annually. Once a wage change is approved, the Paid Staff member shall be notified by the overseeing Council member.


A) Any Employee missing two consecutive days of expected attendance without notification or valid reason shall be automatically terminated for job abandonment. (Two consecutive days need not be consecutive days of the week. Example: The Choir director is expected at a Tuesday rehearsal and the following Sunday service. Missing both would be considered consecutive.)

B) Any overseeing Council member (and Team), with two thirds majority Council approval, may terminate their overseen Paid Staff member for any non-discriminatory reason. (See Constitution and By-laws 5.1 f). As an “at will” employee there is no formal hearing requirement.  

Personnel Team:  If there is a Personnel Team in place, they shall be consulted and have input on all steps of this Policy.  They may also perform many of the individual tasks listed herein at the discretion of the Council member (and Team) to whom the Paid Staff budget expenditure(s) applies.  

Other: Individuals may hold multiple paid positions provided combined hours do not exceed 30 per week.