Adopted 6/20/13

POLICY:    Amending the Constitution and By-laws

Applies to:  Our Congregation’s Membership

Introduction:  To amend Our Congregation’s Constitution and By-laws the following requirements need to be met. (Constitution& By-laws paragraph 7.0)


General: Anyone may propose amending Our Congregation’s Constitution and By-laws. Good practice is for the Council or a sub-committee to review or initiate the proposal(s). 


A) The Meeting Warrant shall have a specific article to adopt the proposed amendment.

B) Proposed amendment(s) shall be available for distribution when the Warrant for the  meeting is posted.

When and Where:  The Constitution and By-laws may be amended at any Annual or Special meeting of Our Congregation.

Required Vote:  A two-thirds or more majority vote of those present and voting is required for the amendment(s) to be adopted.

Amendment of this Policy:  Since this is a By-law of Our Congregation’s Constitution & By-laws it may only be amended by vote of Our Congregation’s membership.