Adopted 12/28/13

POLICY:   Calling a Settled (permanent) Pastor


Applies to:  All


Introduction:  Sometimes it will be necessary to search for and call a new settled (permanent) Pastor.   To ensure that the candidate fulfills as many of Our Congregations needs as possible, the subsequent items shall be followed.


Selection of Search Team: The Moderator shall recruit and present to the Council nominees for a Search Team of seven, nine, or eleven persons who are members of Our Congregation.  They should include at least:


A) One current or recent member of each of the Diaconate, Christian Development, Property and Finance  teams. (Ideally 4 different persons but,

      should it be necessary, one or two may have served on multiple teams.) 

B) Two persons not serving on the Council or Teams, or as Paid Staff.


A two-thirds or more majority vote of the Council is required to call each Search Team member. The Moderator or his/her designee shall notify Search Team members of their appointment and initiate the first meeting.


Search Team: The team will conduct a search and present a candidate for settled Pastor to Our Congregation. They shall:


A) Seek to know the preferences and hopes of Our Congregation and those who attend services.

B) Obtain profiles or resumes of potential candidates.

C) Review, Interview, listen to sermons etc.

D) Attempt to witness a service led by any preferred candidate(s) at a neutral pulpit.

E) Determine, with input from the candidate and the Finance Team, a suitable compensation package.

F) Pending Our Congregation’s approval, offer the position to the chosen candidate.

G) Upon acceptance of the offer, present to the Council and then to Our Congregation their recommended candidate.      


Council: Once the Search Team notifies the Council of a selection, the Council shall:


A) Schedule, with the Search Team, a regular worship service to be led by the Candidate.

B) Call a Special Meeting of Our Congregation, usually immediately following the Candidate’s worship

    service, complying with all regular Membership Meetings of Our Congregation  Policies.  The

    Warrant for the meeting shall include at least two articles, one to hear the report of the Search

    Team and one calling for a vote.  At the discretion of the Finance Team there may also be an

    article concerning the Pastor’s proposed compensation package.        


Special Meeting:   A two-thirds or more majority confidential vote of the members of Our Congregation is required to call a settled Pastor.